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Thank you, Nina - Your exploring self to why you didn't want to do the final drawing of that course really resonated with me and is definitely something to explore in myself.

I did not like the paper of the sketchbook I bought. I did a week of the drawing challenge then had 'life' got in the way.. then I couldn't face that paper any more!

So I made some with watercolour paper and some hand made paper I was gifted. They turned out well.

And now that other creative endeavors are completed, time to get into these new books <3

Unfortunately I'm having a tough time figuring out how to share my collages - help?!

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Oh Lisa, thank you so much for your comment. I so know about the struggles with paper in a sketchbook. It probably sounds so silly to non sketchbook users but is very real. I am so glad you made one by yourself though. That's THE best thing you could do because now it's extra special.

I can see now that one cannot post photos in comments under the blog posts. Looks like I'll be posting a Note especially for this today. Hope to see your pages there.

Thank you again 💖

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