Hello! I am Nina, so nice to have you here

I’ve been blogging on and off from 2009 when I started my blog called Made by nini on Blogspot (I renamed it last year to Made with nini). I wrote about my creative journey and other things happening in my life and really enjoyed connecting with those few of my readers I actually had. I even met quite a few of them and they were all from abroad! But this was all before FB really flourished and before IG happened. When these two came marching in, blogs seemed to be forgotten. Or maybe they were read and it just didn’t seem like so, for the lack of comments.

I started blogging on my website later on to share a bit about my spiritual journey too but that was mainly for myself.

And now I relocated here, to Substack, because it looks promising. I really miss sharing my creative projects, receiving feedback and I also really like the feel of “not being hurried” to scroll through everything ever so quickly.

So I’ll stick to what I do. I will be writing about my creative projects, will offer challenges for everyone to tag along, maybe post a free printable every once in a while and also continue writing about my spiritual journey because it is really tightly connected with my creative one.

And if this appeals to you, then I’d be very happy to have you on board as my subscriber so that we can get to know each other and maybe create something together.

Hope to get to know you. With much love,



If you’d like to see and read more about me I have a few links for you:

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