Nini's Weekly Creative Boost

a.k.a. creative 52 project for 2023

I’m inviting you to a weekly creative play-date with your self inspired by an “image”.


Every Monday I will publish a post on my Patreon with a brand new image for you to download and play with. You can print it out on a thicker paper and use anything you fancy working with - watercolors, crayons, acrylics, plain pens and pencils, whatever you feel like using at the moment. OR, if you have a drawing app on your tablet or PC, import the image into it and have lots of fun with adding what you see there. Let your imagination run wild and trust me, you’ll know what to do once you receive it :)

I was doing this in August and wrote all about it here on Substack:

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Time sure flies when one is having fun, right? Well, I managed to keep up with my new daily practice of working in my little handmade “activated” sketchbook and as I promised in my previous post, I’m…
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But let me show you a spread of two “prompt” pages right here as well.

As you can see, there’s white gesso and some color applied randomly over cheap packaging recycled paper and if you look at it closely, you can spot things. So all I had to do was sit down, let these things reveal themselves to me and catch them :)

Here’s what I found, kinda crazy eh?

Now, I have no idea what kind of papers I will use throughout the year nor what type of marks I’ll be doing on them, all I know is, that I will do my best to make them inspiring for you to play with. And that’s the whole point of doing this.

To have a play-date with yourself and enjoy the creative energies it will bring you.

So, what do you say? Will you join me? It is only 5$ per month.

This really is all about Connecting to Your Creative Self

I challenge you to finish all the “prompts” because they will for certain get your style out. Why? Because these pages will not be blank and terrifying, there will be no “real wordy” prompt for you to work with, instead, you will have a visual nudge to spark your imagination. You can also cover the page with paint if you choose to do so and leave only parts of what’s on it visible if that’s what gets you going. Nothing is off limits. Having creative fun is the name of this game.

Who knows, maybe you end up with a solo show at the end of the year? Wouldn’t that be cool? Or a lovely art book to flip through? Or maybe you get a whole story out of this. Who knows what’s in store for you. All I know is, that this really is a fun way to enjoy art making and I’d love for everyone to experience it.

Click here to subscribe to this project. See you there :)

Wishing you a magical and creative 2023!

With much love,



Please share this page with your friends or anyone you think would be interested in this creative project. It’s more fun when we can share our creativity with our friends.